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ZipWall® Hall Kit

Product Code: ZHK3

ZipWall® Hall Kit 

1 x ZipFast Hatch Panel

2 x Extendable Tight- Seal Rails

3 x Spring-loaded Poles

1 x Side-Seal Kit

2 x Suspended Ceiling Edge Plates

1 x Floor Adaptor

2 x GripDisks

1 x Carrybag

Product Description

Zipwall® Hall Kit
Everything you need to seal off a hallway in minutes!
- seals tightly at the ceiling, floor and walls with the Extendable Tight-Seal rail and Side-Seal Kit
- Includes the ZipFast® Hatch Panel which is Class A flame retardant (in accordance with Chapter 8 of the International Building Code)
- Use with negative air for containing airborne particles
- Ideal for healthcare facilities and clean rooms as well as for functioning commercial and hospitaility environments
- Barriers can be widened by adding modular ZipFast® reusable barrier panels
- Quick and easy install and remove

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