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Protecta-Flute (Coreflute) Cutting/Splicing Tool

Product Code: PFC5

Protecta-Flute (Coreflute) Cutting/Splicing tool

Product Description

Protecta-Flute (Coreflute)

Key Benefits:

 - excellent impact protection

 - twin wall construction

 - waterproof and weatherproof

 - lightweight and versatile

 - easy to cut, form and bend into shape

 - rapid to lay

 - large range of sheet sizes

Main Uses and Applications:

 - Impact protection for a vast range of finished floors and surfaces including tiles, stone, marble, vinyl, timber, benchtops, bathroomware, windows, doors and walls, columns, joinery and staircases

 - use with protecta-foam as required

 - industrial grade protection for manufactured goods

 - miscellaneous packaging solution including pallet liners and product dividers

 - waterproof barrier for retaining walls, subsoil membrane protection or formwork lining boards, etc

 - wrapping and protection of product and equipment

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