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Zipwall® Super-Tall Kit

Product Code: ZST10

Zipwall® Super-Tall Kit

10 x Spring-Loaded Poles (1.6m-6.1m)

2 x Premium Zippers + Zipper Cutter

1 x Carry Bag

6m x 50m Containment Sheeting

A great kit for extra tall facilities - seals off up to 50m long in ceilings up to 6m high. Ideal for projets in stairwells, supermarkets, airports and any other situation where the ceilings are higher than standard (4m - 6m)

Product Description

Zipwall® is so easy to install

- no tools, tape or fixings

- no damage to ceilings, walls or floors

- reusable many times over

- height range options from 1.5 - 6.0m

Zipwall® is being used in a wide range of industries and locations nationwide including:

- supermarkets and other retail

- hospitals and health facilities

- food processing plants

- IT/comms rooms and data centres

- laboratories

- clean rooms

- offices

- homes

- clubs

- hotels

- airports

- museums

- schools

- universities

- other public buildings

Safe and proven

- dust inhalation adversely affects the health of a large number of people nationwide across a broad range of work activities

- the Zipwall® screening system is the proven solution to prevent dust from contaminating the environment and the personnel in it

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